Monolit 14 cm

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Monolit is made from carbon fiber and, unlike conventional shin guards, spreads the force from an impact over the entire protection area, which means you can engage in some serious tackling without worries. But please make sure to go for the ball!

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Can a shin guard make you a better player? Yes, we believe it can.

Many other areas of the sport have developed immensely, with new materials and new details popping up every season. But not the shin guards. The market is still dominated by low standard products made of plastic. Shin guards have an ungrateful role to play in the world of football. Ideally, the product should not be noticeable or visible, but it must still protect the player from intense duels and hard play.

This has been fundamental when we developed Monolit, a product that provides maximum protection with minimal impact on your playing style. A unique construction crafted from carbon fiber composite makes Monolit the lightest, safest, and most comfortable shin guard on the market.

Low weight (27 g/piece) and superior ventilation allows for greater speed and stamina. The safe and reliable carbon fiber construction allows you to play your game without holding back.

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Weight 14 g
Dimensions 14 × 9 cm
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