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The Monolit Story

The man behind Monolit is Dieter Bergmann. He makes a living as a pilot, but he is also an inventor and a motorcycle enthusiast. He has, among other things, built one of the world’s lightest motorcycles – with carbon fiber. The story of Monolit started when his son Oskar was having problems with eczema from conventional shin guards. Dieter realized that he could apply his expertise in composite materials to create a much improved shin guard, one that was lighter and stronger, as well as providing better ventilation.

Dieter’s simple but genial idea was to use the lightest materials to build a shin guard that provided maximal, weight-optimized protection with a minimal contact surface, resulting in reduced energy loss. Dieter also built in a unique ventilation grid which boosted these factors.

The product has been developed and tested in close collaboration with a number of elite players, among them former Arsenal player and World Cup bronze winner Anders Limpár. The result is Monolit, the world’s best football shin guard. Monolit was launched in the spring of 2018. The unique construction is now patented in the USA and in Europe.

And yes, Oskar’s problems with eczema are history, thanks to Monolit.