Carbon Shin Guard 14 CM

Monolit Shinguards are made using carbon fibre, which unlike conventional shinguards helps spread the force from impact to the entire shinguard. This means you can get in to real tackles without worrying. But try to hit the ball first! Sold in pairs.

Can a shin guard make you a better player? Yes, we actually believe that´s the case.

Many other parts of the sport have developed enormously, with new features and materials every season. But not the shin guards. The market is still dominated by cheap standard plastic products. Shin protection has an ungrateful role in the football world. The product should preferably not be marked or visible, but still protect against tough melee and hard play.

We have started from this when we developed Monolit, a product that protects to the maximum, but is noticeably minimal.

A unique construction of carbon fiber composite makes Monolit the lightest, most comfortable and safest shin protection on the market.

The light weight (27 g / piece) and the ventilation system make you faster and have more stamina. The safe construction in carbon fiber means that you dare to play your game without holding back - regardless of playing style.

Weight: 27 gram each

Dimensions: 14 x 9 centimeters

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