Two Sizes For Everyone

Monolit is one of the worlds lightest premium shin guards, and comes in two sizes, 14 and 19 cm. The unique ventilation system fits any type of shins. We are convinced you will notice the difference from regular shin guards, or maybe not even notice them at all.
  • Bet Everything On One Card

    Monolit is made from carbon fiber and, unlike conventional shin guards, spreads the force from an impact over the entire protection area, which means you can engage in some serious tackling without worries. But please make sure to go for the ball!
  • Play It Cool

    Our shin guards cool down your legs. This is done by means of a minimal contact surface and through ventilation that carries away humidity and heat. Better cooling means less energy wasted and more stamina. Your shins will be eternally grateful to us.
  • It's The Inside That Counts

    The protective edge of the shin guard is shock absorbing and has also been developed for optimal fit, for increased ventilation, and for reducing bacterial growth. The unique construction helps you avoid build-up of sweat, unpleasant odors, and the risk of eczema. Good for you – maybe even better for your locker room mates.